Your Ideas, Our Experience.

Turner Manufacturing is a contractor and manufacturer with over 40 years of experience creating superior retail, professional and industrial chemical brands. Our cost-effective production utilizes safe, effective raw materials and the most sustainable packaging available, and our exemplary customer service sets the industry standard.

We know how you feel

Turner Mfg. started out just like many of our customers: as a company in need of product manufacturing. Because we’ve experienced our own pitfalls in trying to develop chemical products, we understand the needs of our customers better than some competitors. Our streamlined approach to the product formulation and manufacturing process helps customers avoid common mistakes, saving them time, money and headaches.

We also understand that the basis for any good relationship is trust. Turner Mfg. recognizes that our customers require complete confidentiality and proprietary assurance with regard to all product formulas, and we honor that with integrity and respect.

Location, Location, Location

Turner Mfg. is headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This central location enables us to efficiently ship product to anywhere in North America, at a rate that is much more cost effective for our customers.

If you don’t look good, we don’t look good

Turner Mfg. understands that our reputation is built on the confidence of the products we create. That’s why we formulate and manufacture only the highest quality chemical products, and most often surpass industry standards for their specific markets. We won’t ever ask a customer to put their name on a product if we’re not comfortable putting our own name on it.


An air-tight Non-Disclosure Agreement ensures we provide our customers with complete, secure confidentiality regarding their product formulas.