Copyright Infringement is the unauthorized use, reproduction, display or distribution of another person’s or corporation’s work: creative, intellectual, business or otherwise. Without explicit permission of the copyright holder, any intention to use someone else’s work as one’s own is considered criminal activity, varying from a misdemeanor to felony, and punishable with potential prison time and fines in the thousands of dollars.

Penalty for Copyright Infringement

Turner Manufacturing takes the issue of copyright infringement very seriously as we are responsible for the intellectual property and proprietary assurance of our customers. Were TMFG to distribute copyrighted material on behalf of a customer, not only would TMFG be liable in any legal action pursued by the copyright holder or the U.S. Government, but other TMFG customers could be put at risk as well.

With our customers in mind, TMFG does not tolerate the use/distribution of any copyrighted materials (chemical, intellectual, creative, etc.) for use in the products we create and/or distribute, or in any marketing or branding efforts we may initiate on behalf of our customers and their products.

Any customer who provides TMFG with unauthorized copyrighted materials (with the intention to brand or distribute) should consider their contract with Turner Manufacturing immediately null and void.