Bring Your Ideas to Life

Great IdeaAt Turner Mfg. we believe in helping companies realize their goals, whether it be through enhancing an existing product formula, or helping a customer turn a great idea into a product available on supermarket shelves. Our chemists and technicians create consistent, high-quality products, and our packaging division ensures those products arrive as expected, without waste or damage.

We also understand that while what’s inside of a package is technically the most important aspect, it’s what’s on the outside of a package that compels someone to purchase. Turner Mfg. is adept at crafting strong, identifiable brands that get noticed, drive sales and instill customer confidence.


Everything has a formula. Chemistry is the basis for every product we make, and our skilled technicians can formulate any product to meet the specific needs of our customers. Whether creating a completely new formula or simply modifying an existing product, our staff has the knowledge and experience to provide the best solution.


Blend. Shake. Stir. Mix. Toll blending, contract manufacturing, contract blending and toll manufacturing all have essentially the same meaning: a process in which a customer provides a contractor with a formula and some or all of the raw materials and packaging necessary to produce and package a chemical blend. At Turner Mfg., we blend, package and prepare products for shipment to anywhere in the world.


Tied up with string. Whether it’s brown paper or 100-gal drums, Turner Mfg. packages your product to your specifications, and our experienced employees are specifically trained to package and repackage chemicals without waste or contamination.


The whole enchilada. So you’ve got this great product, but now what do you do with it? Turner Mfg. are experts at developing and marketing products for retail and commercial markets. Our creative team can assist with identity, package, print and web design services as part of your corporate package. Contact us to find out how we can help you reach marketing goals for a specific product.