Other Brands We Produce


Kleenrite Chemical sets the standard for carpet and upholstery care products. With over 40 years of industry experience, Kleenrite is the brand carpet cleaners trust most for cleaning and maintaining carpets, upholstery, tile and more, and the products are earth-friendly, nontoxic and user safe.

Leather plus

The LeatherPlus Cleaning System is a revolutionary new system developed to clean and maintain ALL types of leather. This simple, effective system requires no equipment, has superior cleaning and moisturizing properties, and all formulas are nontoxic, user safe and biodegradable.


Going beyond green & sustainability, Remedi biological products with integrated Kleen chemistry support the return of our environments to their Natural state.


The premiere auto cleaning and care solution for touchless and friction car washes, Spotless Auto Care is an advanced cleaning system that works synergistically to provide optimum results.

Odor Trap

Developed for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts, Odor Trap™ is a scientifically-formulated deodorizing treatment that traps foul molecules and prevents their release. This breakthrough technology alters odors, making them completely undetectable, and does not contain activated carbon or oxidizers that can damage fabrics or clothing.


B.F.F. Care is a nationally-distributed product line designed for pet owners that removes foul pet odors, spots and stains through a range of products, including an odor eliminator, spot remover, laundry booster, pet shampoo and coat spray.